From Underutilization to Optimization: A 821% increase YoY in Q1 NTB Orders

We leveraged Sponsored Brands to enhance brand awareness, optimize customer acquisition, and drive long term growth.

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From Underutilization to Optimization: A 821% increase YoY in Q1 NTB Orders

Struggling to attract new customers and compete against brands leveraging more diverse ad strategies.

We partnered with a leading laboratory and scientific equipment supplier facing significant growth challenges due to the underutilization of creative ad types (Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display) and an over-reliance on Sponsored Products with automatic targeting. These limitations hindered their ability to attract new customers and expand market share. We set out to solve this issue!


Increase profit across the product catalog, and brand visibility with the help of Sponsored Brands plus strategic budget reallocation.

Maximizing Coverage

Before partnering with us, our client was under-utilizing creative ad types like Sponsored Brands (SB) and Sponsored Display (SD). They also relied heavily on automatic targeting within Sponsored Products (SP) campaigns. We recognized the opportunity to shift SP spend to more effective manual targeting and to incorporate SB campaigns. This shift allowed us to launch targeted SB campaigns, aligning them with the top 20% of products driving 80% of sales. This focus ensured high-impact visibility during peak demand periods like the back-to-school season, enhancing overall brand visibility and customer acquisition.

Optimizing Targeting and Ad Spend

We reallocated the ad spend to a more balanced distribution, moving from 98% SP / 2% SB / 0% SD in Q1 of 2023 to 88% SP / 10% SB / 2% SD in Q1 of 2024. This strategic reallocation aimed to improve brand awareness and NTB customer acquisition. By focusing more on SB campaigns, we aimed to position the brand more prominently in consumers’ minds and foster a stronger connection with the target audience. This shift was executed with careful planning and gradual scaling to ensure minimal disruption to existing performance metrics.

Enhanced Reporting and Continuous Improvement

We leveraged our advanced reporting to provide detailed insights, enabling our client to make data-driven decisions. Our approach included setting measurable goals for increasing visibility, boosting brand awareness, and improving NTB customer acquisition rates. By continuously monitoring and adjusting campaigns based on performance data, we ensured the strategy was optimized for maximum impact. Regular communication of changes, results, and insights helped maintain transparency and support for the strategy, fostering a collaborative relationship.


A strategic shift and focus on Sponsored Brands.

Our strategic shift and focus on Sponsored Brands significantly improved key performance indicators. They experienced a substantial increase in new-to-brand (NTB) orders, growing from 0.82% to 7.58% year-over-year (YoY), marking an 821% increase. The increase in NTB orders demonstrates a successful customer acquisition and brand-building strategy, highlighting the potential to maximize the lifetime value of their customer base, particularly given the educational and scientific categories they serve. Additionally, the optimized advertising strategy led to a decrease in Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) from 19 to 17%.

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