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Our experts make us different and when we empower them with Nexus, magic happens. We launch, optimize, measure, and scale your campaigns, all in one dash.

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Retail Media Technology

Launch, measure, optimize, repeat

Nothing can replace our passion and dedication but we give ourselves and unfair advantage through our technology.

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Centralized data and insights

When all of your data is in one place it becomes easier to connect the dots and uncover new opportunities for growth. Nexus brings everything together so we can analyze, strategize, and visualize your campaigns with unique perspectives.

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Insightful dashboards

Our data visualizations give us a dynamic overview of all of your performance and help us optimize and adjust campaigns as we go. We’re nimble and can adapt to ever-changing markets and give you access to exclusive beta opportunities and new placements.

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Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence

We can integrate your campaign data seamlessly with other common business tools and platforms. We streamline workflows to not only make data-informed decisions but do them with efficiency.

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Retail Media Advertising Software

More than we need to launch, manage, and optimize your campaigns

We wanted more control out of our technology so we built our own to provide a bespoke experience like no other. We launch and manage your campaigns from Nexus helping us encounter fewer disruptions and visualize your campaigns in one powerful and customized dashboard.

Campaign Reporting

your success

Centralized insights provide a holistic view of your campaigns and profitability. We can measure keyword performance, adjust bids, discover competitive opportunities, and optimize your advertising with ease and maximize your return.

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Optimizing with Hourly Insights

Amazon Marketing Stream adds near-real-time accuracy on consumer habits helping us get nuanced and precise with targeting. If shoppers are looking for your products at a certain time of day, we’ll know, and we can act according to those insights.

A stylized image of egg timers and ad metrics
A stylized image of egg timers and ad metrics

Competitive MArket Analysis

Conquest competitors and protect your market share

We’ll keep an eye on your competition and uncover hidden opportunities by analyzing how consumers interact with their products and understand market trends. We can make proactive decisions and ideate creative strategies to protect and grow your market share.


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