From 0 to 200k a month with BTR Media Advertising Solutions

We used our first-party software Nexus to balance the delicate line of profitability and growth.

DSP, PPC, Search, and Sponsored Video
Project Timeline
Amazon, Walmart, Instacart
From 0 to 200k a month with BTR Media Advertising Solutions
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New products and a lack of advertising data with a profitable brand provided a unique challenge.

The client was growing, and making a profit, but had a lot of new products that needed to be launched and we didn’t have data to guide our insights. We had a blank slate to work with but that sometimes results in the question of “where do we start?”


We laid a strong foundation to build advanced strategies on top of, using our first-party software. Nexus.

Laying the foundation

We launched—hold on to your seat—81 new campaigns. We developed a rank strategy, expanded headline search, implemented a product targeting strategy, and researched keywords to expand their reach with new terms.

Advanced launch strategies

We dove into Nexus software, we expanded targeting on Keywords & ASINs and maximized new advertising opportunities. Nexus helped us balance the delicate relationship between growth and profitability.

Full advertising coverage and exclusive beta-testing opportunities

Being an Advanced Agency partner with Amazon allowed use to work closely with the Ad-Product teams to test new ad types and placements, giving our clients an upper hand with more access to ad inventory and placements.

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The nexus of data, expertise, and industry relationships.

We brought our client from BTR to best by doing what we do best; combining our dedication and expertise with the power of data. By the end of the campaign, our client saw 165% MoM growth, and an increase in NTB sales by 80%, and TACoS and ACOS were at 14.5% and 30% respectively.

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